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Native wildflowers with Hogback Covered Bridge
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Shortgrass Dry Seeding Plan for 1 acre of land.



*Inert material (Parboiled Rice Hulls) added to reach 10 lbs. an acre seeding rate.

~Prices are based on pure live seed (pls) and mixed all together.

~Orders are subject to the availability of each species. Allendan Seed may make substitutions when necessary.

~Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.



Historically, prairie grasslands covered nearly one third of North America, stretching from the Rocky Mountains to east of the Mississippi River and from Saskatchewan, Canada to Texas. It was the continent's largest continuous ecosystem that supported an enormous quantity of plants and wildlife. Prairie grasslands respond to their environment of soil type, water availability, and natural disturbances such as fire and grazing, which resulted in the creation of three distinct regions. Near the Rocky Mountains, the dry short-grass prairie thrived, the eastern tallgrass prairie thrived in wetter conditions, and in between these two areas the mid-grass prairie dominated. Three quarters of the prairie grassland's biomass, or plant material, is in the root system, which could reach depths of up to 10 to 15 feet. The high quantity and density of biomass below the surface created the most fertile soil for outstanding crop production.

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