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Solidago speciosa - Showy Goldenrod

Honeybees on Showy Goldenrod (Solidago speciosa) taken by Allendan Seed Company
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Showy Goldenrod (Solidago speciosa) is an erect, unbranched, clump-forming perennial. It has a stout reddish stem that is smooth on the lower half of plant and rough on the upper half with rich green foliage. The small yellow flowers form in densely compact, pyramidal columns at the tops of its stems. It is listed as a keystone plant in ecoregions across North America, which create the most productive and sustainable habitat for various wildlife species within their region.


Soil Moisture:  Dry, Moderate

Sun Exposure:  Full Sun

Height:  3' - 4'

Spread:  1' - 2'

Hardiness Zone:  3 - 8

Bloom Color:  Yellow

Bloom Time:  August, September

Attracts:  Birds, Butterflies, Pollinators



Solidago is a genus of 120 species of perennial flowering plants that are commonly referred to as Goldenrod. They are distinguishable by their small, bright yellow flowers that form in dense clusters on top of tall stems from late summer through early fall. They are mostly native to the Americas with some species native to Eurasia. Solidago comes from the Latin word "Solidus" which means "to make whole," and this references the plant's healing properties as Native Americans used Goldenrod for medicinal purposes. Some species produce large quantities of nectar when there is plenty of moisture, or when the weather is warm, which attracts bees, wasps, and butterflies.

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